New patient forms

New to Tacoma Counseling? Have a 1st session scheduled session with Pete? Please consider downloading and completing the New Patient form. Please also consider downloading and signing a copy of my Disclosure form. Questions about the New Patient form, or about my Disclosure form? Please ask. Call, or bring your questions when we meet in person. Thanks.

A little more about the forms.

The New Patient form is 4 pages. If you plan to use your insurance benefits, only the first page is required to fill out completely. The bottom portion of the 1st page of the New Patient form is a release, where you provide me and my billing specialist permission to contact your insurance provider. The remaining 3 pages can be helpful to complete. You are the authority of you. Please only complete what you think will be helpful and useful for your healing work.

My Disclosure form covers a lot of ground, including privacy and HIPAA, my billing practices, and my level of education and training. I will need you to return a signed copy to me. Please ask questions so you’re comfortable signing the form, and at any time questions about the form arise.